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Image for Lore of the Crypt Book III: Spells

Lore of the Crypt Book III: Spells

By: N/A

Price: $12.99

Publisher: Underworld Publishing: 1991

Edition: UWD 1012

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP03uwd1012

ISBN: 1880206021

Condition: Good

Moderate cover wear. Unmarked inside. ~ A massive tome of exciting new spells! Some are simple, some involved and some are adventures in themselves. ~ nonTSRdnd ~ 74 pages View more info

Image for Desert Plots: Amazon Mutual #2

Desert Plots: Amazon Mutual #2

By: N/A

Price: $44.99

Publisher: Dragon Tree Press: 1983

Edition: DTP 82-003

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP02dtp2003

ISBN: 0940918129

Condition: Very Good

Crisp, little wear. ~ A desert mystery campaign plot with two complete dungeons, 5 plot outlines, 13 new monsters, 18 new magic items, and 18 new traps & tricks. AD&D modules & generic plots linking The Efreet Secret Weapon, Adventurer's Life Assurance, The Great Art of Master Ovid & His Good Demons, The Orcan Liberation Front, The Sexual Mores of the Efreeti Queen, and Belworth George - The Paladin of St. Fallwell. ~ nonTSRdnd ~ 33 pages View more info

Image for Fantasy Adventure Encounter Cards

Fantasy Adventure Encounter Cards

By: Bob Liddil

Price: $44.99

Publisher: Bob Liddil Publishing Group: 1990

Edition: BL 8400

Wayne's Books ID: GMST02bl8400

Condition: Very Good

Cover sheet, 8 cardstock card sheets, 1 paper info sheet, 2 certificates. Still in original ziploc. ~ 56 different encounter cards to be cut up and used with your fantasy gaming adventures. ~ nonTSRdnd View more info

Image for Rod of Seraillian (Gamemaster Publications: D&D/AD&D Module GM5)

Rod of Seraillian (Gamemaster Publications: D&D/AD&D Module GM5)

By: Carl Sargent

Price: $34.99

Publisher: Games Workshop: 1987

Wayne's Books ID: GMMG13gmp5

Condition: Good

Glossy cover, with general wear and ding in lower right corner. Unmarked inside. ~ Deep within a mountain range there lies a place where the final chapter in an aeons-old struggle was once played out. In that place the Warriors of Rainbow fought the minions of Dark Mandrazaal, and overthrew him. In so doing, the Warriors were themselves virtually destroyed, and they lost which was most precious to them — The Rod of Serraillian. ~ nonTSRdnd ~ 56 pages View more info

Image for The Book of Shamans

The Book of Shamans

By: Ed Lipsett

Price: $44.99

Publisher: Little Soldier Games / Phoenix Games: 1978

Wayne's Books ID: GMPB93lsgBoS

Condition: Good+

Good+/VG- condition. Glossy cover, moderate wear. Interior pages look great, no marking or writing. See photo. ~ Small-press supplement written for early D&D. ~ "Who are you, that you can perform these marvels?" asked the guard captain, hiding fear with bravado, "a great hero of the Epics? A mighty wizard?" ~ "I am both less than these, and more." said the stranger calmly. "I am a Shaman." ~ nonTSRdnd ~ 64 pages View more info

Image for Dungeon Trap Handbook

Dungeon Trap Handbook

By: Gary E. Reilly

Price: $29.99

Publisher: Reilly Associates: 1981

Edition: RA 109

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP02ra109

Condition: Very Good

Crisp, nice. ~ A compendium of 38 tables. ~ nonTSRdnd ~ 17 pages View more info

Image for Game Master's Workshop (Volume One: Beneath the Waves GMW1)

Game Master's Workshop (Volume One: Beneath the Waves GMW1)

By: John Josten

Price: $11.99

Publisher: Kenzer & Company: 1998

Edition: K&C 201

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP01kc201

Condition: Fine

Crisp, glossy cover. Nice. ~ This volume describes a detailed society of Mermen, including their lives, their interactions with surface dwellers, and both the mundane and extraordinary plights they face. ~ nonTSRdnd ~ 55 pages View more info

Image for B/X Companion: Fantasy Adventure Game

B/X Companion: Fantasy Adventure Game

By: Jonathan Becker

Price: $29.99

Publisher: Running Beagle Games: 2012

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP11rbgBXC

ISBN: 0984593209

Condition: New

Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous. ~ A re-imagining of what could have been, had the 1981 editions of the Original Fantasy Role-Playing Game (the Basic and Expert sets edited by Tom Moldvay, Dave Cook, and Steven Marsh) been followed up by a third Companion volume promised in their pages. Using the same format as the original volumes, and working from the hints and info provided in those 1981 editions, the B/X Companion provides rules for high level play, including levels 15... View more info

Image for The Phantastical Phantasmagorical Montie Haul Dungeon

The Phantastical Phantasmagorical Montie Haul Dungeon

By: Larry Richardson & Kerry Lloyd & Rich Reichly

Price: $44.99

Publisher: Gamelords: 1982

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP92glPPMHD

Condition: Very Good

VG+ condition. Crisp, unmarked, nice. ~ Here the intrepid party of adventurers will find incredibly confusing conundrums, intensely silly situations, indubitably terpsichorean treasures, inappreciably morose monsters, and inadvertently funny fantasy. ~ nonTSRdnd View more info

Image for Fantasy Gamer's Compendium

Fantasy Gamer's Compendium

By: Phil Edgren & Dan Bress & Ed Konstant & Ed Lipsett

Price: $24.99

Publisher: Gamescience: 1983

Edition: GS 10330

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP193gs10330

Condition: Good+

The original 1983 edition. Good+ condition. Glossy cover, light general wear. Unmarked inside. ~ The complete Books of Mystery, Monsters, Demons, Sorcery, Shamans, and Treasures. ~ nonTSRdnd ~ 53 pages View more info

Image for The Compleat Spell Caster

The Compleat Spell Caster

By: Stephan M. Sechi & Vernie J. Taylor

Price: $29.99

Publisher: Bard Games/Arcanum: 1983

Edition: BARD 4802

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP193bd4802

ISBN: 0961077018

Condition: Good+

Original white cover edition. Good+/VG- condition. Glossy cover, little wear. ~ This book details a few specialized character classes regarding magic use (witches, necromancers, etc.), a few magical items, familiars, summoning and demons. ~ nonTSRdnd ~ 44 pages View more info

Image for Insta-Character (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons)

Insta-Character (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons)

By: Steve Shaw & Stephen D. Smith

Price: $14.99

Publisher: G.A.I.: 1984

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP01gai1984

Condition: Fine

Crisp, nice. ~ Now you can roll up a character and equip him or her in less than five minutes! Game Masters can easily use the system to outfit and create encounters or non-player characters. ~ nonTSRdnd ~ 33 pages View more info