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Image for Challenge Magazine, Issue 52

Challenge Magazine, Issue 52

By: N/A

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Game Designers Workshop (GDW): 1991

Wayne's Books ID: GMMG01gdw52

Condition: Fine

Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous. ~ ARTICLES: 2300AD * Operation Back Door, Episode 4: The Tricolor Conspiracy (by Charles E. Gannon) CYBERPUNK 2020 * The Beast of Boston DARK CONSPIRACY * Things That Go Bump in the Night DARK FUTURE * Sand Cats GHOSTBUSTERS INTERNATIONAL * Attack of the Ice-Age Cyborg Kamikaze Holsteins MEGATRAVELLER * Contact: Hhkar! * Stalkers NIGHTLIFE * Urban Beasts for Nightlife SPACE: 1889 * Dwellers in the Dark (adventure) STAR TREK * Ferengi TALES... View more info

Image for White Wolf Magazine, Issue 48

White Wolf Magazine, Issue 48

By: N/A

Price: $6.99

Publisher: White Wolf Pub: 8/1994

Wayne's Books ID: GMMG02wwm48

ISBN: 1565041496

Condition: Very Good

Glossy cover, little wear. ~ Halloween Issue. Last Stand - Dwarves vs. Humans; New monsters to corrupt your characters' minds (Call of Cthulhu); Wraith Errata; Skylinerz - Street gang, described (NightLife); more. ~ 80 pages View more info

Image for NightLife: The Role-Playing Game of Urban Horror (3rd Edition)

NightLife: The Role-Playing Game of Urban Horror (3rd Edition)

By: Bradley K. McDevitt

Price: $59.99

Publisher: Stellar Games: 1992

Edition: SG 0300

Wayne's Books ID: GMPB33sg0300

Condition: Good

Cover has some curling at both corners. Moderate general wear. No writing. ~ 3RD EDITION, 1992, 256 pages. Nearly triple the page count of the 1990 1st edition. Hard to find; most Nightlife rules books are the smaller 1st & 2nd editions. ~ Monstrous beings, worse than any possible nightmare, will hunt you as prey. And the most deadly foe is your own Kin, the other immortal beings who, like you, pose as human while they live the... Nightlife. ~ 256 pages View more info