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Image for Pegasus Magazine, Issue 6

Pegasus Magazine, Issue 6

By: N/A

Price: $9.99

Publisher: Judges Guild: 2/1982

Edition: JG 830

Wayne's Books ID: GMMG02pgm06

Condition: Very Good

Light general wear. ~ Morrow Project Report; Gateway Quadrant (Traveller); Hanging Out in the City State; Caves of the Goblin Lord - A Melee/Wizard adventure for beginners - For AD&D; Beastmaster Safari Ship; The Azurerain Pirates - City State Campaign Installment. Explore the lair of the River Pirates; An Index to Arduin Grimoire Magik. ~ 96 pages View more info

Image for Morrow Project Rulebook (TM 1-1) - 3rd Edition

Morrow Project Rulebook (TM 1-1) - 3rd Edition

By: Kevin Dockery & Robert Sadler & Richard Tucholka

Price: $59.99

Publisher: Timeline, Ltd.: 1984

Wayne's Books ID: GMSR391tlMP

Condition: Fine+

3rd Edition, spiral-bound. Sill in Timeline-issue plastic sleeve and unbroken seal. ~ As the civilized countries of the world exchange gifts of nuclear missiles, the small volunteer population of the Morrow Project sleep far away from the blossoming nuclear fireballs in a deep dreamless winter. These few people, long prepared for the holocaust which rages around them, await the time when their ever-watchful machines will awaken them. They expect the time of their cold sleep to be a mere three or four years but instead the "cryonauts" sleep on for one hundred and fifty years before thei... View more info