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Image for The Original Tegel Manor: Revised & Expanded

The Original Tegel Manor: Revised & Expanded

By: Bob Bledsaw & Niels Erickson

Price: $57.99

Publisher: Gamescience: 1989

Edition: GS 10454

Wayne's Books ID: GMST02gs10454

Condition: Very Good

COMPLETE, with booklet, Ref's fold-out map, and Player map. ~ Designed for medium to highly skilled characters, this volume will provide well over a hundred hours of gaming, particularly for adventurers who seek to penetrate every secret connected with the foreboding old fortress. Parties will encounter numerous adventure situations as they make their way through Tegel Village and the grounds surrounding the manor. ~ 40 pages View more info

Image for Advanced Fighter Combat

Advanced Fighter Combat

By: Lou Zocchi

Price: $34.99

Publisher: Gamescience: 1978

Wayne's Books ID: GMST01lzAFC

Condition: Fine

Complete with plane cutouts in original (clear) ziploc. ~ A supplement to the Basic Fighter Combat rules, Advanced Fighter Combat gives gamers nine more fighters and fifteen additional performance logs as well as more bombers, greater realism, math elimination tables and a campaign game system. View more info

Image for Battlewagon Salvo Game

Battlewagon Salvo Game

By: Lou Zocchi

Price: $9.99

Publisher: Gamescience: 1974

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP03gs1974

Condition: Good

Moderate cover wear. Unmarked inside. ~ Simple game akin to Battleship played with more detailed ship movement & combat characteristics. View more info

Image for Swords & Glory, Vol. 1, Book 1 (Tekumel)

Swords & Glory, Vol. 1, Book 1 (Tekumel)

By: M.A.R. Barker

Price: $37.99

Publisher: Different Worlds: 1987

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP02dw1101

Condition: Very Good

Crisp, glossy cover. Parchment map (Provincial Map of Tsolyanu) still stapled in centerfold. Nice. ~ Different Worlds partial reprint of Swords & Glory Vol.1 from Gamescience. Includes Introduction; Astronomical Data; Early History; The Historical Empires; Physical Ethnology; & Family, Lineage, and Clan. ~ 80 pages View more info

Image for Fantasy Gamer's Compendium

Fantasy Gamer's Compendium

By: Phil Edgren & Dan Bress & Ed Konstant & Ed Lipsett

Price: $24.99

Publisher: Gamescience: 1983

Edition: GS 10330

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP193gs10330

Condition: Good+

The original 1983 edition. Good+ condition. Glossy cover, light general wear. Unmarked inside. ~ The complete Books of Mystery, Monsters, Demons, Sorcery, Shamans, and Treasures. ~ nonTSRdnd ~ 53 pages View more info