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Image for Atlantis: The Second Age

Atlantis: The Second Age

By: K. Scott Agnew

Price: $31.99

Publisher: Morrigan Press: 2005

Edition: MOG 1301

Wayne's Books ID: GMPB93mog1301

ISBN: 0973724951

Condition: Good+

Good+ condition. Glossy cover, light use wear. ~ The legendary Second Age of Atlantis, including an Atlas of Antediluvian Earth, regional maps, city maps and guides and a compendium of creatures, races, animals and various pantheons of deities. ~ 416 pages View more info

Image for Lords of the Middle Sea: America Atlantis

Lords of the Middle Sea: America Atlantis

By: Lynn Willis

Price: $49.99

Publisher: The Chaosium: 1978

Wayne's Books ID: GMST12chaLMS

Condition: Very Good

Counters punched, counted 249/252. Otherwise complete with bvooklet, poster map, charts, and ziploc. Light general wear. ~ In the year 2401, well after the apocalypse, players will guide the fortunes of nations as the Emperor of the Nahuas, the President of Mexico, the First Rider of TransWyoming, or as the Fisher of Wardoms -- The Lords of the Middle Sea. View more info