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Image for Atlantis: The Second Age

Atlantis: The Second Age

By: K. Scott Agnew

Price: $31.99

Publisher: Morrigan Press: 2005

Edition: MOG 1301

Wayne's Books ID: GMPB93mog1301

ISBN: 0973724951

Condition: Good+

Good+ condition. Glossy cover, light use wear. ~ The legendary Second Age of Atlantis, including an Atlas of Antediluvian Earth, regional maps, city maps and guides and a compendium of creatures, races, animals and various pantheons of deities. ~ 416 pages View more info

Image for The Arcanum (Atlantis/Atlantean Trilogy, 1st Edition)

The Arcanum (Atlantis/Atlantean Trilogy, 1st Edition)

By: Stephan M. Sechi

Price: $39.99

Publisher: Bard: 1984

Edition: BARD 1077

Wayne's Books ID: GMPB13bard1077

ISBN: 9995844737

Condition: Good

Edge/corner wear. Cover art looks good. No writing. This is the 1st edition, all-black cover Arcanum. ~ Alchemy and magic in the lost world of Atlantis. Contains nearly 500 spells, hundreds of alchemical and magical scripts, ciphers, symbols, wards, and runes. Also featured are optional rules for combat and magic, 27 character classes, new non-human races for player characters, photocopyable character sheets and spell cards along with a multitude of interesting game variants. ~ 158 pages View more info