Author:James Robert & Len Bland


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Image for Fez IV: Wizard's Revenge (Role Aids)

Fez IV: Wizard's Revenge (Role Aids)

By: James Robert & Len Bland

Price: $19.99

Publisher: Mayfair Games: 1985

Edition: MGI 725

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP01mgi725

ISBN: 0912771321

Condition: Fine

Crisp, glossy cover. Nice. ~ The demon Mephistopheles conjured a younger, inexperienced Fez to aid the band of adventurers in their quest to purify Land Anew of its corruptive Evil. But how can an old and a young Fez possibly exist at the same time? And could even these forces triumph over the malevolent influence of the Lich, Lorrmar? ~ 32 pages View more info

Image for FEZ I: Valley of Trees (Role Aids) - NO COVER FOLDER

FEZ I: Valley of Trees (Role Aids) - NO COVER FOLDER

By: Len Bland & James Robert

Price: $24.99

Publisher: Mayfair Games: 1982

Edition: MGI 703

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP14mgi703

Condition: Fair

No cover folder. Booklet only. A Play copy. ~ The wizard, Fez, has staked his life that you can out-reason deadly puzzles and outwit (or outrun) exotic monsters. A Quest to truly test all your dungeoning skills. Fez I: Valley of Trees is suitable for use with Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Tunnels and Trolls, and other popular fantasy role play systems. ~ 40 pages View more info