Curse of Xanathon (Dungeons & Dragons Module X3)

By: Douglas Niles

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Glossy cover, moderate wear. No writing. A great Play copy. ~ Something is rotten in Rhoona... When the grotesque god, Cretia, casts his ugly shadow over the town, strange things start happening. First, Duke Stephen vanishes. Then bizarre proclamations begin coming out of the Ducal Palace... dwarves are outlawed... taxes must be paid in beer... horses must be ridden backwards. Soon the entire town is in an uproar and a dwarven army is marching on Rhoona. This is the situation when you and your party of valiant adventurers arrive in the suffering town... ~ DnD ~ 32 pages

Title: Curse of Xanathon (Dungeons & Dragons Module X3)

Author(s): Douglas Niles

Publisher catalog ID: TSR 9056

ISBN: 0935696563

ISBN-13: 9780935696561

Publisher/Date: TSR: 1982

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Good

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