Sorcerer's Apprentice Magazine, Issue 9 / 10 (Winter / Spring 1981)

By: staff

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Glossy cover with little wear. ~ SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE! The Real Heroic Barbarian by L. Sprague de Camp; The farmers, chieftains, bard and pirates of ancient Ireland by Keith Taylor; Languages in alien tongues by C.J. Cherryh; Early cannon and gounnes: Them Black Powder Blues by J.E. Coplin; Valkyries: Amazons of the north; God & Golem, inc. (fiction) by Al Sirois; Thelinde's Song (fiction) by Roger Zelazny; Endgame (fiction) by Victor Milan; More adventures on Greysmoke by Larry DiTillio; The gold exchange in T&T by Paul O'Connor; A complete GM adventure AND a Mini-Solo for Tunnels & Trolls. ~ 78 pages

Title: Sorcerer's Apprentice Magazine, Issue 9 / 10 (Winter / Spring 1981)

Author(s): staff

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Publisher/Date: Flying Buffalo: 1981

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