Dragonlance Adventures (Advanced Dungeons Dragons) Hardcover

By: Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis

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Crisp, glossy cover. Light scratch on back cover. Little wear overall. Bright white pages. ~ The world shattered by dragons and their armies. The backgrounds for Knights of Solamnia, the wizards of High Sorcery, tinker gnomes, kender, and much are detailed along with their AD&D game system rules. Secctions: Lot in Life; The Races of Krynn; Creatures of Krynn; The World that Was; War of the Lance. ~ ADnD ~ 128 pages

Title: Dragonlance Adventures (Advanced Dungeons Dragons) Hardcover

Author(s): Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis

Publisher catalog ID: TSR 2021

ISBN: 0880384522

ISBN-13: 9780880384520

Publisher/Date: TSR: 1987

Format: Hardcover

Condition grade: Very Good

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