Best of Dragon Magazine, Volume IV 4

By: staff

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Glossy cover, with light wear. Unmarked inside. ~ NPC CLASSES - The bandit; The bounty hunter; The cloistered cleric; The death master; The duelist; The jester; The scribe; The smith. PLAYERS' PERSPECTIVES - Be aware, take care; It's a material world; Finish fights; Two-fisted fighting; The whole half-ogre; Riding high. CREATIVE CAMPAIGN - Five keys to success; A PC and his money; The care of castles; Saintly standards; These are the breaks; Repair or beware; Wounds and weeds; Runes; Runestones. ~ 80 pages

Title: Best of Dragon Magazine, Volume IV 4

Author(s): staff

Publisher catalog ID: TSR 8111

ISBN: 0880381353

ISBN-13: 9780880381352

Publisher/Date: TSR: 1985

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Very Good

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