Iron Kingdoms World Guide (D20 3.5 RPG) w Poster Map

By: staff

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Crisp, nice. Complete with POSTER MAP. ~ This guide further details life in western Immoren by exploring each of the the Iron Kingdoms, meeting their inhabitants, and studying their history. Immerse yourself in the exhaustively detailed world of grit, sorcery, and steam where the tides of progress push the kingdoms into a bloody war and adventurers weild sawtoothed blades and smoking magelock pistols. ~ 400 pages

Title: Iron Kingdoms World Guide (D20 3.5 RPG) w Poster Map

Author(s): staff

Publisher catalog ID: Privateer Press PIP 402

ISBN: 097069704X

ISBN-13: 9780970697042

Publisher/Date: Privateer Press: 2005

Format: Hardcover

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