Heart of Darkness (Dark Conspiracy RPG)

By: Creede Lambard & Sharleen Lambard

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Crisp. Nice. ~ FOR A THOUSAND YEARS the Dark Lady, a sorceress of ancient Baghdad, has lain in mystic stasis, her mind imprisoned through the power of a legendary gem. FOR A THOUSAND YEARS a hideous race of parasites has chafed at the wards barring them from Earth, and has labored to aid the Dark Lady who could free them. FOR A THOUSAND YEARS the Servants of the Dark Lady have sought to destroy the mystic opal called 'Heart of Darkness,' to release their evil mistress into the world once again. FOR A THOUSAND YEARS the Brothers of Ahmed have dogged the heels of the Servants, seeking the knowledge to destroy the Dark Lady for once and all time. ~ 72 pages

Title: Heart of Darkness (Dark Conspiracy RPG)

Author(s): Creede Lambard & Sharleen Lambard

Publisher catalog ID: GDW 2103

ISBN: 1558780866

ISBN-13: 9781558780866

Publisher/Date: Game Designers Workshop (GDW): 1991

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Very Good

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