Journeys Magazine, Issue 1

By: staff

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Light wear. ~ AMBER DICELESS: A Short History of Amber Diceless Roleplaying (Interview with Eric Wujcik) DREAM PARK: Dream Park: Or New Dimensions in Meta- (not Multi-) Genre Gaming (Mike Pondsmith) MYTHUS: Socio-Economic Class (Gary Gygax); Any Port In A Storm [Adventure] TORG: Building the Possibility Wars One Reality at a Time (Bill Slavicsek). ~ 3 Ways To Skin A Cat: Varieties of Multigenre Game System (Steve Jackson); Customizing RPGs (George MacDonald); Back to Basics (Frank Mentzer); The Advantage of Skill-Based RPGs (Dave Newton). ~ 32 pages

Title: Journeys Magazine, Issue 1

Author(s): staff

Publisher catalog ID: Game Designers Workshop GDW 5001

Publisher/Date: Game Designers Workshop (GDW): Sept 1992

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