Age of Arthur: Dark Ages Roleplaying (FATE RPG)

By: Paul Mitchener & Graham Spearing

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Crisp, nice. This is the Color pages edition. ~ Britannia is a land of petty kings and warlords, squabbling in the void left after the withdrawal of Rome. The light of civilisation is fading as a new Dark Age descends amidst the chaos of the rapacious Saxons. It is a time of gods, old and new, and the awakening of ancient powers. Christian missionaries convert the people, whilst druids and bards weave the old magic of the British gods. Capricious Fae eye the land, veiled in the mists of their otherworldly kingdoms. Ancient monsters roam the spreading wilderness, prospering as the grip of humanity fails. ~ 288 pages

Title: Age of Arthur: Dark Ages Roleplaying (FATE RPG)

Author(s): Paul Mitchener & Graham Spearing

Publisher/Date: Wordplay Games: 2014

Format: Hardcover

Condition grade: Fine

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