GUMSHOE : The Hard-Boiled Detective in the Thirties - 2nd Edition

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Complete Second Edition box set. Box has light wear, art looks nice. Contents crisp. See photo. ~ The place: San Francisco. The year: 1934. Time is running out and you are the "Gumshoe" who must solve the mystery. Now YOU can become an operative for the Continental Detective Agency and enter the exciting, exotic and dangerous underworld of 1934 San Francisco. From Chinatown to Nob Hill, from gambling dens to drawing rooms, from forgery to murder, San Francisco is your beat and the action never quits. ~ GUMSHOE, another mystery game from the makers of the innovative and award-winning Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, splendidly captures the rough and tumble world of the hard-boiled detective. GUMSHOE recreates the world of down-and-out private eyes, desperate women and petty criminals with such punch and verve you'll feel the grit and see the fog.

Title: GUMSHOE : The Hard-Boiled Detective in the Thirties - 2nd Edition


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Publisher catalog ID: SL-2000

Publisher: Sleuth Publications: 1985

ISBN: 0915341204

ISBN 13: 9780915341207

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Very Good

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