Atlas of the French Arm (Traveller 2300AD)

By: Colin Dunn

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Crisp, glossy cover. Very nice. ~ The French Arm vies with the Chinese Arm as the most developed grouping of colony worlds. The Arm contains a total of twelve colony worlds, colonised mainly by France, Britain, Germany, and Azania. Most of the worlds have colonies from multiple nations. The long-settled nature of many of these worlds is a source of considerable acrimony, and even conflict, between these worlds and the nations that colonised them. ~ 240 pages

Title: Atlas of the French Arm (Traveller 2300AD)

Author(s): Colin Dunn

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Publisher catalog ID: MGP 20009

Publisher: Mongoose Publishing: 2016

ISBN: 1908460407

ISBN 13: 9781908460400

Format: Hardcover

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