GURPS Wild Cards

By: John J. Miller

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Crisp, glossy cover. Little wear. Good binding, no cracks yet. ~ These particular GURPS books had terrible bindings. If you open it all the way, you will break it. ~ A complete, detailed guide to the Wild Cards series in roleplaying. Now you can enter that world, with "ace" powers of your own. Detailed background, history and timeline of the Wild Cards world. Rules for turning yourself into an ace. Complete biographies and descriptions of over 60 important Wild Cards characters -- heroes, villains, aces and jokers -- with brand new background detail. ~ 128 pages

Title: GURPS Wild Cards

Author(s): John J. Miller

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Publisher catalog ID: SJG 6026

Publisher: Steve Jackson Games: 1989

ISBN: 1556341512

ISBN 13: 9781556341519

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Very Good

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