Living Steel: High-Tech Adventure Game

By: Barry Nakazono

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HARDCOVER, with wear. A couple of spots on edgepaper. Name inside cover, otherwise no writing. A great Play copy. ~ Join the ranks of the reborn Seven World forces. Your mission: Dig in, protect and defend, and sow the seeds of a new civilization. At your disposal are some meager supplies and few items of high-tech equipment that could make all the difference. "Save the ideals and dreams of our people for better times" were your last orders. Little did you realize that this would occur decades later on a planet far removed from your homeworlds. ~ RPG. ~ 182 pages

Title: Living Steel: High-Tech Adventure Game

Author(s): Barry Nakazono

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Publisher catalog ID: LEG 10300

Publisher: Leading Edge Games: 1988

Format: Hardcover

Condition grade: Good

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