By: Curtis M. Scott & L. Sprague de Camp

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FAILED BINDING; a handful of pages are loose but present. The GURPS Conan books have notoriously poor bindings. Otherwise decent shape, nice pages. ~ 1989 1st edition with the all-red cover. ~ Features a gazetteer describing the people, customs, laws, religion and mysteries of 34 lands of the world of Conan. A complete bibliography of 73 currently published Conan stories: names, races and nationalities, places and more. Maps and historical information for the entire Thurian continent, from the isles of Antillia to the coast of Khtai. Spells of the Hyborian Age, including the enchantments of the mysterious Black Ring and the potent sorceries of the Book of Skelos. Rules for generating Hyborian Age characters. Advice on running a Hyborian Age campaign and how to roleplay the non-human races, including Degenerate Men, Serpent People and Satyrs. ~ 128 pages


Author(s): Curtis M. Scott & L. Sprague de Camp

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Publisher catalog ID: SJG 6012

Publisher: Steve Jackson Games: 1989

ISBN: 1556341482

ISBN 13: 9781556341489

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