Rowsion II 2: Merchant Service Adventure (Space Opera RPG)

By: Kenneth C. Campbell

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Moderate cover wear. Unmarked inside of course. ~ When the Libertus lands at Rogan StarPort on Rowsion II on a routine trading call, events soon make it clear that the captain is involved in a profitable smuggling operation. This is further complicated by events on the planet. Cataclysmic changes take place on Rowsion II and player characters on the planet's surface must survive until help arrives. Rowsion II also includes a smaller military adventure as HCE forces seize the opportunity provided by nature to install their own choice as the new head of government on the planet. ~ 23 pages

Title: Rowsion II 2: Merchant Service Adventure (Space Opera RPG)

Author(s): Kenneth C. Campbell

Publisher catalog ID: Fantasy Games Unlimited FGU 7126

Publisher/Date: Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU): 1982

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Good+

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