Mutants in Avalon (After the Bomb)

By: James Wallis

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Average wear. ~ The island of England is mapped and described. Much has changed after the bomb struck. Human life is nearly extinct and Britain is now divided into eight kingdoms, all ruled by intelligent mutant animals. But all is not well. Feuding between the kingdoms promises civil war, then there are the rumors about a human army invading the Waste Lands. The realm needs a leader. A man (or mutant) who can unite the people and restore a nation; King Arthur! ~ 80 pages

Title: Mutants in Avalon (After the Bomb)

Author(s): James Wallis

Categories: Games,

Publisher catalog ID: PAL 513

Publisher: Palladium: 1991

ISBN: 0916211479

ISBN 13: 9780916211479

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Good

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