Space Gamer Magazine, Issue 87

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Light wear. ~ Creating more interesting characters in Shadowrun. Cyberslang: A glossary of Cyberpunk terms. The Aurora Clinic, a Shadowrun setting with adventure ideas. News reporting and the Media in MegaTraveller. Helicopters for Warhammer 40K. Warhammer 40K to Critter Commandos: A Simple Conversion. Tashtan Station (Albedo adventure). Spirit magic for ordinary folks in RuneQuest. Variant rules for the Doctor Who board game. The Killing Ground (AD&D adventure). Fantasy Trip Talents: Expanded and Abbreviated. Faulty Magic in Call of Cthulhu. ~ 64 pages

Title: Space Gamer Magazine, Issue 87


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Publisher: World Wide Wargames / 3W: 10/1989

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Condition grade: Very Good

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