Space Gamer / Fantasy Gamer Magazine, Issue 85

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Light wear. ~ Review - Space: 1889. Starjammer Class Yacht (Traveller). Corsair Contention (MegaTraveller adventure). A Fistful of Laughs! (Toon adventure). Mechwarrior: Alien characters. Underwater creatures in James Bond 007. Project File: Discovery (Morrow Project adventure). Slow Train Coming (Invasion U.S. adventure). Eeffug the Giant (RuneQuest encounter). Giant Squid (Runequest). Variant rules for Dragons in AD&D. Variant rules for backfiring magic spells. ~ 64 pages

Title: Space Gamer / Fantasy Gamer Magazine, Issue 85


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Publisher: World Wide Wargames: 1/1989

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Condition grade: Very Good

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