Space Gamer / Fantasy Gamer Magazine, Issue 84

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Good+/VG- condition. Moderate wear. ~ Landing Party: A scenario for FASA's Search for Spock game. Solitaire Starship Combat: A scenario for West End Games' Star Trek III solo games package. Clothing for super heroes. Breakout! - A scenario for Boarding Party. Trial by Strength: A GEV scenario, fiction, and variant. The Prometheus Strain: An Intruder scenario. Speed Paranoia. Tarragon's Heir - A Traveller adventure for a starship crew in legal entanglements. No Man's World: A Marine 2002 scenario. Champions rules variants for money and new powers/advantages. The Halls of Fortune: An AD&D tournament module. Psionic skills for GURPS. ~ 48 pages

Title: Space Gamer / Fantasy Gamer Magazine, Issue 84


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Publisher: Diverse Talents: 12/1988

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Good+

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