Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn (Dragonlance) - NO BOX

By: Douglas Niles

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NO BOX. Otherwise complete with both booklets, and all 4 maps, all crisp. A great Play set. ~ The history of the dwarven race on Krynn, from their first appearance on the planet's surface to their withdrawal following the Cataclysm. Each kingdom described for DM's eyes only, describing how each cavern was delved, what each clan's world-view encompassed, and what each kingdom's fate has been. ~ Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonlance.

Title: Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn (Dragonlance) - NO BOX

Author(s): Douglas Niles

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 1086

Publisher: TSR: 1993

ISBN: 1560766697

ISBN 13: 9781560766698

Condition grade: Good

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