Aliens (Star Trek Roleplaying Game)

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Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous. ~ The Suliban have infiltrated this book. So have the Gorn. And the Flaxians. And they've brought friends, all complete with full game statistics so you can pit them against one another in your Star Trek RPG series. You can even step into another species' skin thanks to the in-depth treatments of alien culture found in this book - play an El-Aurian, a Founder, or even a Horta! Assimilate your foes as the soulless Borg... ~ 176 pages

Title: Aliens (Star Trek Roleplaying Game)


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Publisher catalog ID: DEC 103604

Publisher: Decipher: 2003

ISBN: 1582369070

ISBN 13: 9781582369075

Format: Hardcover

Condition grade: Fine

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