Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Greyhawk)

By: Sean Reynolds

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Glossy cover. Moderate general wear. No writing. ~ The lich Lyzandred: a madman, an undead archmage, a survivor of the twin cataclysms that destroyed two great empires. His name invokes fear in the hearts of the smallest children, the bravest warriors, and the wisest sages. Like a malicious cat, the lich toys with all who stumble into his maze, tormenting them with strange puzzles and obscure riddles, monsters and demons, weird traps and dangerous magics. All who enter the crypt of Lyzandred find themselves scarred with his rune, proof of their visit and of their folly. ~ 48 pages

Title: Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Greyhawk)

Author(s): Sean Reynolds

Categories: Fiction,

Publisher catalog ID: TSR 9580

Publisher: TSR: 1998

ISBN: 0786912510

ISBN 13: 9780786912513

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Good+

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