Naked Doom (Tunnels & Trolls Solo Dungeon 4)

By: Ken St. Andre

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Color cover (2nd edition, 6th printing, Nov 1982). Glossy cover, little wear. Name inside cover. ~ They caught you . . . and you're in trouble now. The City of Khazan does not believe in coddling criminals, and now you must run the Royal Khazan Gauntlet of Criminal Retribution and Rehabilitation. You are taken into the catacombs, beneath the Khazan Courthouse, and stripped of all clothing, jewelry, weapons, amulets, and other devices. If you can make your way through the series of tunnels and caves that lie ahead, you will escape with your life — and if you're lucky, treasure! ~ 36 pages

Title: Naked Doom (Tunnels & Trolls Solo Dungeon 4)

Author(s): Ken St. Andre

Categories: Games,

Publisher catalog ID: FB 8104

Publisher: Flying Buffalo: 1982

ISBN: 0940244047

ISBN 13: 9780940244047

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Very Good

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