Feast of Goblyns (AD&D Ravenloft RA1) - NO POSTER

By: Blake Mobley

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NO POSTER (typically missing from used copies). Otherwise complete with: Both covers + 96-page booklet + fold-out poster map. Cover has light general wear. Booklet crisp, unmarked. A great Play copy. ~ An introductory adventure for the Ravenloft campaign setting. Kartakass is in the demi-plane known as Ravenloft. The players quest to retrieve an artifact known as the Crown of Souls. Throughout the adventure the characters will face powerful foes who, like all of Ravenloft, rarely appear as they really are. ~ Advanced Dungeons & Dragons/Ravenloft Module RA1 ~ 96 pages

Title: Feast of Goblyns (AD&D Ravenloft RA1) - NO POSTER

Author(s): Blake Mobley

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 9298

Publisher: TSR: 1990

ISBN: 0880388773

ISBN 13: 9780880388771

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Fair

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