Drums on Fire Mountain (Dungeons and Dragons Module X8)

By: Graeme Morris & Tom Kirby

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Glossy cover. Little wear. Some staple rust. Pull-outs still attached in the center. Nice. ~ What new evil is casting its shadow over the storm-swept eastern reaches of the Sea of Dread? The trading routes are no longer safe. The attacks of the green-skinned "Orcs-of-the-Sea" and the mysterious "Ship-bane" now go unchecked. Once their raids were random, but the influence of some unseen master has made them into an organized menace. ~ DnD ~ 28 pages

Title: Drums on Fire Mountain (Dungeons and Dragons Module X8)

Author(s): Graeme Morris & Tom Kirby

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 9127

Publisher: TSR: 1985

ISBN: 0880381817

ISBN 13: 9780880381819

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Very Good

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