Archworld Fantasy Miniatures Rules - NO BOAT SHEETS

By: Mike & Sheila Gilbert

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NO BOAT SHEETS; missing the 4 cardstock sheets (not a crucial component). Book is in Good condition. Fold-out map attached in the centerfold. ~ Archworld is intended to provide a reasonable and easy-to-understand accounting of the uses of weapons and armor of the period, and the strategy of empire making and the like. The gamer who is not interested in the refighting of Archworld battles may simply disregard the fantasy elements and still use these rules to create realistic battle situations for any period up to the late 1600s. Archworld also contains a complete set of rules for naval combat. Archworld also includes a 4 panel paper foldout map of Archworld, 3 single sided sheets of cardboard ship cutouts (these are not counters-the cut outs of the ships are much larger and are used for naval miniatures combat), and 2 single sided cardstock sheets of reference charts. ~ 76+ pages

Title: Archworld Fantasy Miniatures Rules - NO BOAT SHEETS

Author(s): Mike & Sheila Gilbert

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Publisher catalog ID: FGU 4003

Publisher: Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU): 1977

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Fair

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