Gamma World: Science Fantasy Role-Playing Game (3rd edition)

By: James Ward

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A nice box set: 64-pg Rule Book; 16-pg Reference Book; 32-pg adventure book w/ removable cover (the Player's screen); 3-panel ref screen; poster map, all crisp. No dice of course. Also includes Rules Supplement (not pictured). Box is square, has light edge wear, art looks great. ~ In 1986, TSR released this ambitious re-write of the Gamma World game. Where 1st and 2nd editions were based on D&D, 3rd edition adopted the ACT Table from Marvel Super Heroes. This version introduced Mutated Plants as a character type, and organized equipment and weapons by tech level. Much more background information in general. Following this set are 5 excellent modules forming a campaign.

Title: Gamma World: Science Fantasy Role-Playing Game (3rd edition)

Author(s): James Ward

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 7010

Publisher: TSR: 1986

ISBN: 0880383305

ISBN 13: 9780880383301

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Very Good

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