Dungeons of Despair (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons)

By: Christopher Perkins

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Crisp, glossy cover, little wear ~ Herein are featured six adventures originally presented in DUNGEON Adventures magazine: - Caermor by Nigel D. Findley: True evil walks among the villagers of the Caermor. - The Moor-Tomb Map by Jon Bailey: A mysterious map leads you into the perilous Willowmoors and, with any luck, the lost tomb of Dalvan Meir. - The Cauldron of Plenty by Willie Walsh: The king wants it. The giant has it. Do you have the gall or the guile to take it? - King Oleg's Dilemma by Lee Sheppard: An Alliance with the dwarves would solve many of King Oleg's problems, but reaching the dwarves is easier said than done. - Encounter in the Wildwood by Willie Walsh: A trek through the wood pits heroes against a truly monstrous band of brigands. - Masqueraider by Randy Maxwell: Journey to a haunted valley to find the elusive marauder that threatens the town of Tyrluk. ~ ADnD ~ 64 pages

Title: Dungeons of Despair (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons)

Author(s): Christopher Perkins

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Publisher: TSR: 1999

ISBN: 0786914440

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