Deities and Demigods (AD&D) - CTHULHU

By: James M. Ward & Robert J. Kuntz & Lawrence Schick

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1st edition with CTHULHU & MELNIBONEAN mythos (2nd printing, with the thanks to Chaosium). Cover is crisp, glossy, little wear. Name and inscription inside cover. Crisp pages; no writing. ~ 17 pantheons of divinities, each profusely illustrated. Also included are new material on clerics' conduct and their relationships with their deities, information on character mortality and immortality, and attribute tables beyond 18. ~ Deities and Demigods: Cyclopedia of Gods and Heroes from Myth and Legend (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) ~ ADnD ~ 144 pages

Title: Deities and Demigods (AD&D) - CTHULHU

Author(s): James M. Ward & Robert J. Kuntz & Lawrence Schick

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Publisher: TSR: 1980

ISBN: 0935696229

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Format: Hardcover

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