Dragon Pass: The Return of Prince Argrath and the Lunar Empire Wars

By: Robert Corbett & Greg Stafford

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Box is square, little wear, looks nice. Complete. All listed items present, countersheets unpunched. Also includes errata sheet. ~ CONTENTS: * ONE 32-PAGE BOOK OF RULES, HISTORIES, & MAPS * ONE 22 x 34 FULL-COLOR PLAYING SURFACE SHOWING THE AREA OF DRAGON PASS * 300 MULTI-COLORED DIE-CUT PLAYING PIECES ~ The Free Armies of Sartar and the legions of the Lunar Empire lock in mortal combat in this new version of the most widely-praised fantasy boardgame ever made. The forces maneuver for knock-out blows in Dragon Pass, key to a continent, and strive for aid from the embers of older races and empires. Dragon Pass is home to many creatures, not only humans but also Delecti the Zombie Master, Crag-spider, the Feathered Horse Queen, Sir Ethilrtst and his Black Horse Troop, Ironhoof & the Half-Beasts, the Tusk Riders, Hungry Jack, Giants, Dragonewts, Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Wintertop Exiles; many other Powers, warlocks, tribes and heroes live there. Runequest / Glorantha.

Title: Dragon Pass: The Return of Prince Argrath and the Lunar Empire Wars

Author(s): Robert Corbett & Greg Stafford

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Publisher catalog ID: CHA 1001-X

Publisher: Chaosium: 1980

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Very Good+

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