Noble Steeds: A d20 Guide to Horses & Mounts

By: Ree Soesbee

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Moderate use wear. ~ Customize a special mount for your character. Everything you need to know to create a legendary mount suitable to your character's heroic reputation is here. Special horse character classes, statistics by breed and type, a slew of special steed feats, new mount-oriented magic items, and information on exotic creatures such as the elephant and camel and magical ones like the Pegasus and Gryphon make this the ultimate book on your character's most faithful companion. Never ride a nameless "heavy warhorse" again. ~ 64 pages

Title: Noble Steeds: A d20 Guide to Horses & Mounts

Author(s): Ree Soesbee

Categories: Comics & Graphic Novels,

Publisher catalog ID: APL 0920

Publisher: Avalanche Press: 2002

ISBN: 193209105X

ISBN 13: 9781932091052

Format: Paperback

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