Rogues' Gallery (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Accessory REF6)

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Cover folder has light wear. Loose-leaf sheets complete and crisp. ~ You'll find all manner of non player-character warriors, wizards, priests, and rogues with all their class variations, fully developed and ready to drop into any AD&D campaign. Each of the characters is detailed in the standard, convenient Monstrous Compendium format - including an illustration - with a biography including his or her favorite combat tactics, regular hang-outs, likely cohorts, and much more. ~ ADnD ~ 96 pages

Title: Rogues' Gallery (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Accessory REF6)


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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 9380

Publisher: TSR: 1993

ISBN: 1560763779

ISBN 13: 9781560763772

Format: Loose Leaf

Condition grade: Very Good

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