Secrets of the Lamp (AD&D: Al-Qadim ALQ4)

By: Wolfgang Baur

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Box is glossy, moderate wear. COMPLETE, all listed items included, nice ~ Contents: 64-page sourcebook about genies, a 32-page booklet of adventures set in Zakhara and the City of Brass, a full-color poster map, six cards showing details of the City, and four MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM pages. ~ Revealed within are the greatest secrets of the genies: their magics, their rulers, and their homelands. From the Citadel of Ice and Steel to the Great Dismal Delve, the works of geniekind are as wondrous as they are magnificent. ~ Tour the City of Brass, from its golden towers to its brazen streets, foil the evil yak men and their dao servants, travel on the desert whirlwinds of the jann. ~ Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Al-Qadim Sourcebox ALQ4.

Title: Secrets of the Lamp (AD&D: Al-Qadim ALQ4)

Author(s): Wolfgang Baur

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 9433

Publisher: TSR: 1993

ISBN: 1560766476

ISBN 13: 9781560766476

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Very Good

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