Dragon Magazine, Issue 88

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Glossy cover, light general wear. Elefant Hunt game by Tom Wham still stapled in. ~ Elefant Hunt game (centerfold feature); Falling Damage; Ecology of the Rust Monster; Beyond the Dungeon, pt 2; Gods of the Suel Pantheon, pt 3 (Syrul, Fortubo, Wee Jas); Timeline of the Gamma World universe; Marvel-Phile; Battle at Ebony Eyes (Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks sceanrio); Yachts and Privateers (Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks ships); Starquestions (Star Frontiers). ~ 96 pages

Title: Dragon Magazine, Issue 88


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Publisher: TSR: 8/1984

ISBN: 0394541936

ISBN 13: 9780394541938

Condition grade: Very Good

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