The Orcs of Thar (Dungeons & Dragons Gazetteer GAZ 10)

By: Bruce Heard

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Crisp, glossy cover. COMPLETE: Rulebooklet, Players Guide, OrcWars, FOLD-OUT MAP, folded sheet of UNPUNCHED COUNTERS. Very little wear. Nice. ~ A comprehensive, in-depth look at the orcs and their world. Orcs and other humanoids as player characters. A large full-color map of Thar, home of the orcs. Rules for humanoid spell-casters. The King of the Orcs, and why you don't want to run into him. Seperate DM and Player's Booklets. Orc Wars, a complete boardgame. ~ 48+48 pages

Title: The Orcs of Thar (Dungeons & Dragons Gazetteer GAZ 10)

Author(s): Bruce Heard

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 9241

Publisher: TSR: 1989

ISBN: 0880386231

ISBN 13: 9780880386234

Condition grade: Very Good

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