Blitzkrieg (DC Heroes Role-Playing Module Featuring Blackhawk)

By: Jeff O'Hare

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Still in Factory Shrinkwrap! ~ Amidst a vile axis cloud which threatens to suffocate the free world with its contemptible stench flies a group of patriots dedicated to the perseverance of democracy. Enlisted on a top-secret assignment by Winston Churchill, the valiant blackhawk squadron , the allies' greatest force against the oppressive axis scourge, must infiltrate a hidden nazi outpost and defend allied leaders from a deadly military aSSault. Against a darkening WWII backdrop, the fates of Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, DeGaulle, and the security of all allied nations rest in the hands of these seven courageous men. deep behind enemy lines, the Blackhawk squadron faces its most challenging miSSion as the Nazi war machine struggles to achieve world conquest.Includes Statistics for each Blackhawk, X-F5F Skyrockets, Sgt. Rock, the Nazi Sky Skull, and a map of Blackhawk Island. ~ 32 pages

Title: Blitzkrieg (DC Heroes Role-Playing Module Featuring Blackhawk)

Author(s): Jeff O'Hare

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Publisher catalog ID: MGI 237

Publisher: Mayfair Games: 1988

ISBN: 0912771895

ISBN 13: 9780912771892

Condition grade: Fine+

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