Borderlands: A Runequest Campaign - MISSING MAP

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MISSING POSTER MAP. Otherwise in decent shape. Box is worn; art looks good. Contents crisp, very little wear. ~ CONTENTS: * Referee's Handbook (48 pages) * Encounters Book (32 pages) * Seven individually-bound and linked scenarios (Scouting the Land, Outlaw Hunt, Muriah's Revenge, Rescue of Jezra, 5-Eyes Temple, Condor Crags, On to Giantland!) * player hand-outs * 'What's in this Box' sheet. ~ A RuneQuest campaign along the River of Cradles, a fertile valley separating the devastation of Vulture's Country and the wretched chaparral of Prax.

Title: Borderlands: A Runequest Campaign - MISSING MAP


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Publisher catalog ID: CHA 4015-X

Publisher: Chaosium: 1982

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Poor

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