Elves of Athas (AD&D: Dark Sun DSS3) - NO MAP

By: Bill Slavicsek

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NO MAP. Cover, use wear. No writing. A great Play copy. ~ Elves of Athas explores the passions that drive them, the abilities that make them different from other races, and the outlook that lets them survive beneath the crimson sun. This accessory uncludes savage encounters with the better known tribes and an updated map of the Tablelands region. For players, there are new rules for character creation and new Athasian elf kits - offered to DARK SUN game characters for the first time. ~ 96 pages

Title: Elves of Athas (AD&D: Dark Sun DSS3) - NO MAP

Author(s): Bill Slavicsek

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 2423

Publisher: TSR: 1993

ISBN: 1560766654

ISBN 13: 9781560766650

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Condition grade: Fair

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