Time War: A Game of Time Travel and Conflict

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Complete, unused 1979 edition set. Box lid is crisp, little wear; box bottom has smudging and wear. Counter sheet unpunched. ~ CONTENTS: Rules Booklet * 21" x 27" mapboard * 2 chartsheets * log pad * 400 counters * counter tray * 36 Time Mission cards. ~ Tactical level game that begins in the future. A future where governments, using their ability to send men and equipment into time, fight their wars and vie for power in the past. Highly evolved computers predict the "Jonbar Junctions" (Critical moments in history) and what actions can be taken by the time forces to create a favorable change in the power balance of their own time.

Title: Time War: A Game of Time Travel and Conflict


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Publisher catalog ID: YAQ 0114

Publisher: Yaquinto Publications: 1979

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Very Good

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