Chitin I: The Harvest Wars (MicroGame 2) - 1ST PRINT

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1st printing, 1977, with the white-cover book. Game lightly used, complete; booklet, map look nice. Counters bagged (Counted 56 white, 56 tan, 16 microdot counters). ~ Chitin I simulates a battle between two hive cities struggling for greater shares of food - the harvest, or the bodies of the enemy! Workers, Fliers, Basics, and the different types of warriors they command make Chitin I a detailed yet easy-to-learn game. Components include: * 8 1/4" x 14" game map * counters * Illustrated rules booklet.

Title: Chitin I: The Harvest Wars (MicroGame 2) - 1ST PRINT


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Publisher: Metagaming: 1977

Condition grade: Very Good

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