The New Dungeon! (Board Game) - INCOMPLETE

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INCOMPLETE. The figures and most of the character cards are not present; you'll have to come up with your own miniatures - not a difficult task. Box is square with moderate wear. Plastic miniatures: 1/6 present. Rulesbooklet is rumpled, with crayon on the exterior (only). Board is crisp (& HUGE! 21 1/4" x 35 5/8"). Cards: Counted 187/196 monster/treasure cards; 36/36 Spell cards present. No dice. ~ UPC 046363010454. "A revised version of the TSR classic board game Dungeon. This version has a larger playing board and updated rules. Most notably, new character classes were added and the combat system was revised to be a bit more forgiving to the player. Also, the ability to heal and cooperate or trade with other players was added." -BGG.

Title: The New Dungeon! (Board Game) - INCOMPLETE


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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 1045

Publisher: TSR: 1989

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Fair

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