Birthright Campaign Setting (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons)

By: Richard Baker & Colin McComb

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Condition grade: Good+

Good+ condition. Box has moderate edge/corner wear, some lid dishing, art in good shape. Contents crisp. Contains Rulebook (96 pg); Atlas of Cerilia (32 pg), Ruins of Empire (details Anuire, 96 pg); two poster maps; a Battle Mat; Battle Cards (112/112); 12 cardsheets; DM Screen; even the fold-up War Chest is present.

Title: Birthright Campaign Setting (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons)

Author(s): Richard Baker & Colin McComb

Categories: Games,

Publisher catalog ID: TSR 3100

Publisher: TSR: 1995

ISBN: 0786901438

ISBN 13: 9780786901432

Condition grade: Good+

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