Shatterzone: The Roleplaying Game (Classic Reprint)

By: Ed Stark

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Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous. ~ Reprint of the classic 1993 RPG by West End Games. ~ Fortunes can be made, dangers encountered, and dark mysteries solved. Do business in the Core Worlds where bureaucracy rules, and Fleet makes sure of it. Smuggle in the Near Colonies where there is slightly more freedom, provided Fleet does not take an interest. Sign up for mercenary work in the Inner Frontier where new worlds can be discovered, as can bolters, aliens who have fled the other side of the shatterzone. The true brave of heart can enter the shatterzone, in search of the next big discovery or simply for the huge salary. Finally, the Outer Frontier reportedly holds many verdant worlds, but also a terror beyond anyones imagination... ~ 310 pages

Title: Shatterzone: The Roleplaying Game (Classic Reprint)

Author(s): Ed Stark

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Publisher catalog ID: PLI21000

Publisher: Precis Intermedia: 2011

ISBN: 0983256071

ISBN 13: 9780983256076

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: New

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