Dungeon! (Classic 1975 TSR game)

By: David R. Meggary & Gary Gygax

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Condition grade: Good

Classic 1975 TSR boardgame based on Dungeons & Dragons. Box has purplish cover with red lettering. Box cover has moderate wear. Components have seen average use: Play map (a few minor stains); rules and intro sheets; player pawns; game cards. Dice. There are 36 Spell Cards. Monster/Treasure cards, by level: One 9/9; Two 15/9; Three 22/16; Four 24/18; Five 28/16; Six 18/12. A great Play set. ~ Dungeon! is the game which allows players to become Elves, Heroes, Superheroes, and Wizards in quest of the fabulous treasures hidden in the dark labyrinths of the dungeons . . . but each must first combat and defeat the fearsome monsters that guard the treasures! There are Goblins, Werewolves, Giants, and Dragons among the passages and chambers of the dungeons — YOU will have to face them in order to win.

Title: Dungeon! (Classic 1975 TSR game)

Author(s): David R. Meggary & Gary Gygax

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 1002

Publisher: TSR: 1975

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Good

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