Cosmic Encounter: Science Fiction Game

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1978 2nd edition ("Alien-with-tentacled-arms cover"). Good+ condition. COMPLETE, all listed items present. Box has moderate wear. ~ CONTENTS: * Hexagons: 4 planet systems, each with 5 planets; and a central section containing the Space Warp for lost tokens. * Tokens: 4 sets of 20 colored tokens, representing Beings. * Star Discs: 4 sets of 4 discs, colored to match the tokens. * The Deck: 54 cards, including 46 Challenge cards and 8 Edict cards. * Alien Power Cards: 15 cards, each illustrating an Alien Being and describing its unique power and history. * Hyper-Space Cone: A moveable piece used to carry players' tokens into a challenge. ~ The game in which each player becomes an Alien Being with a unique power, seeking to control the universe.

Title: Cosmic Encounter: Science Fiction Game


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Publisher: EON Products: 1978

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Good+

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